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Greek Heartbeat

Greek heartbeat

Great drawing of the lines in the Greek flag turning into an EKG of a heart stopping.  The irony is that electrocardiography originates from the Greek word: “kardia” meaning “heart”.


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Cartoon Therapy


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Death to America


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The Cartoons Made Me Do It


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The Limits of Satire

On Jan. 9, 2015 this was posted in the Guardian (original article) and as all good satire it is thought-provoking.


The most interesting question asked is: would the image of the jew counting money would have been funny in 1933?  And the answer is of course no – it would not have been funny.  However, it would have been relevant and if someone had in fact made a satirical cartoon with contents along that line in 1933 it might just have made some people realise how ridiculous the situation was becoming.  And that is sort of the point of satire – cutting to the very bone and thereby forcing the reader to consider his or her position.

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