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Turkish Spring


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Changing a lightbulb


Caption reads:

Merkel: “By the way, how many chippy power-crazed despotic Turkish Presidents does it take to change a lightbulb?”

Answer: “None, obviously they hate the enlightenment”

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Insult Erdogan – Please!

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been the poor victim of a lot of jokes this month.

It all started with German TV mocking him with the following rather brilliant clip:

We, here at Controversial Cartoons, think that insulting Erdogan is so important that we will dedicate an entire section for that purpose only.

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Proof that God Exists


Religious logic (or lack thereof).

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Feed the Greek


Looks like Greece need more funding to run their socialist experiment.

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Beware of Greeks…….

greek debt

Beware of Greeks bearing 340 billion Euro debts.

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Greek Heartbeat

Greek heartbeat

Great drawing of the lines in the Greek flag turning into an EKG of a heart stopping.  The irony is that electrocardiography originates from the Greek word: “kardia” meaning “heart”.


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Fasting Month


Don’t forget to fast during Ramadhan.

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Pen is Mightier…..


“It hurts when I laugh!  But when I think Assad is afraid of a pencil, I can’t help laughing!”

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Another Attempt


Attempt to kill Danish cartoonist fails.

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