Back in 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten wanted a debate about criticism of Islam and self-censorship and they asked 12 cartoonist to put a face on Muhammad.  As a result – and fueled by radical Islamists – 200 people died (none of those actually Danish and most of them Muslim).

In January 2014, 3 Islamist madmen launched an attack on the French publishing house “Charlie Hebdo” and as a result 20 people (at the time of writing) died.

Satire and Cartoons have a long and proud history of being an integral part of the European political landscape and political debate.  The creeping toonophobia (= irrational fear of blasphemous line drawings) must be fought and fought hard.

This site is a direct response to these attacks.  Religious people need to understand that other people do NOT have to respect their religion.  I do not respect any religion whatsoever.  I think people who believe in imaginary friends are mostly delusional and should have their heads examined.  Sure I respect your right to believe in anything you like as long as you don’t expect me to believe the same.  Notice that religious people being delusional is my belief and if you want me to acknowledge your right to believe in some supreme being, you have to acknowledge my right to believe that is utter rubbish.

This site is all about free speech and the right to have a personal opinion.